Our professions


The Hospital and community service pharmacy team are a vital part of the wider NHS healthcare team breaking down the boundaries of primary and secondary care which is the direction of travel for the NHS since the introduction of the Health and Social care act 2012. Our team members include Pharmacist, technicians, Assistant technical officer, administration staff and support staff. Each member has a role to play in the delivery of healthcare services to our stakeholders which can be other healthcare professionals in acute setting or primary care and patients.

There's a lot of variety of roles in hospital pharmacy we work in a team covering clinical pharmacist and technician ward based services, teacher practitioner roles linked with university, Medicine information provide advice to other healthcare professionals and patients, medicine safety evaluate medicines and develop protocols, safe sourcing procurement of medication, ward distribution of medication services utilising modern technology such as our pharmacy robot, aseptic pharmacy service in the production of chemotherapy and total parenteral nutrition launching a new aseptic suite in the next 3 to 5 years, clinical trials services, operational dispensary service, primary care with primary care networks pharmacist and prescribing support pharmacy teams working in general practice.

We are all very proud to be part of such a diverse hospital and community services department break down boundaries in the reorganisation of the National Health Service.

Roles within RWT

Student Pharmacy Technician

"I am currently working as a Student Pharmacy Technician within the Pharmacy Aseptic Unit. Pharmacy Aseptics strive to deliver safe and effective treatment to our patients, I am proud to be an integral part making this life changing medicine.

"Since working as an Assistant Technical officer I have gained 12 years’ experience and knowledge, Currently I have been given an opportunity to develop my skills by undergoing the Pharmacy Student Technician course and at the end of the course I will qualify as a registered pharmacy technician, this will allow me to develop even more which I feel is exciting."

Pharmacy Administration

“Since starting my first apprenticeship in 2017, I have gained valuable skills and experience which I have developed working with Pharmacy as part of the Pharmacy Administration Team. Pharmacy has provided me with excellent support to help me successfully complete my apprenticeship and obtain a permanent role within the organisation. Everyone in Pharmacy has built a good relationship with one another and work hard to support each other and meet the aims of the organisation. Obtaining my permanent role at the end of my apprenticeship made me feel very proud and happy to be working as part of such a great team.”