Our professions

Administrative services

Admin Careers

Just because our administration functions aren’t all on the front line, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hugely important and valued staff group. Some of the most satisfying things that you can do in life are to know that you have communicated effectively with someone, helped them to sort out a concern or made a real change for them.

We have many ward based or patient facing roles where you’ll pay an important role in making the day to day patient experience the best in can be. These include ward clerks and receptionists who will be meeting and greeting patients and ensuring the daily running of clinics, wards and departments is as smooth as possible.

Non patient facing profession can be found in roles within governance, finance, and HR to names just a few. Within every area there will always be an administration function to help the day to day running of the service.

HR Careers

The Human Resources department are for looking after all of our staff and managing the employee life cycle. You may be creating policies and new initiatives to support the workplace culture or creating advise and training guides to reduce sickness absence or launching a new range of exclusive staff benefits! Occasionally you may conduct investigations and support with disciplinary procedures ensuring the managers, employee and organisation are al adhering to legislation and best practice.

Recruitment Careers

Recruitment or resourcing roles are responsible for the attraction, onboarding and retention of new starters. This ranges from creating eye catching job adverts, supporting managers with advertising roles and designing interview assessments to helping successful candidates start in their new roles quickly and safely. We strive to make our candidate and manager experience the best it can be. Within this, there are strict guidelines and need to be adhered to and the Resourcing Team are responsible for complete all the pre-employment checks to a high standard for every single new starter. It’s a really fast paced environment that offers lots of opportunity to talk to candidates and offer practical time saving solutions.

Payroll Careers

A career in payroll may not sound exciting but it is so much more than how others picture it to be, it does not consist of just pushing a button once a month (unfortunately). Payroll Officers are some of the most hardworking diligent people and feel a sense of duty and obligation to do the right thing to ensure people are paid accurately on time. This is the department that employees depend on, Payroll Officers would agree that to achieve what is expected you have to be a strong team player and you have to explore your ability to identify, analyze and solve problems on a daily basis. Although there is a great deal of structure to the work we do the work is not boring, you can expect every day to be different. It is a rewarding career and there is great satisfaction from meeting deadlines and doing the job accurately to the best of your ability.

Patient Experience

A career in Patient Experience, PALS and Volunteering will help you to make a real difference.

Our PALS Team interacts between our patients and our staff to when there is a concern, a query, a complaint or a compliment. The key role here is to understand where the concern lies, at what level, and to guide the patient in the process of how best to record that concern and what the process will be. This gives the staff the opportunity to respond using our set processes. As you can imagine, high interpersonal skills are required both in listening, and in communicating both empathically and professionally to enable a satisfactory outcome for our patients.

Similarly, our volunteers are our backbone. Volunteers give their free time to support patient care and we want to make sure that they have a top- quality volunteering experience with RWT. Volunteers come from a huge range of backgrounds and ages, and all have a different reason for volunteering. It’s a complex task to recruit, train, develop, allocate and manage volunteers in such a large trust.  We need ‘people-people’ with an understanding of the diversity of people who volunteer and who have really good organisational skills. In this role, those skills will be very much rewarded in your development giving you transferable skills that will be valuable in any other position you take afterwards.

Rather like an umbrella, Patient Experience encompasses the above and is our broad-brush name for all the work that we do to make sure that the patients’ experience is the best that it can possibly be and constantly improves. The Patient Experience Team implements and oversees hands-on improvement initiatives such as ‘Always Events’ or ‘Observe and Act’ , compiles, reports and publishes quality data to check on the robustness of our care and also Equality data which addresses the issues around identifying and removing barriers to access across a range of identities.

From the above, we hope that you can see that the working in our administration roles is not only challenging but very rewarding. There is a large variety of settings and a range of levels at which you might work, from apprentice to management or director.