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Allied health professions (AHPs)

AHPs are the third largest clinical workforce in the NHS, with significant opportunities to support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. They are degree-level professions regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

AHPs are professionally autonomous (independent/self-directed) practitioners who assess, treat, diagnose and discharge patients. For the AHPs at RWT this means that we support patients and their families across hospital, education and community settings from birth through to end of life. As leaders and clinical practitioners, RWT AHPs are actively involved in delivering person-centred care that is based on evidence and best practice. Being person-centred is about focusing care on the needs of the individual - ensuring that people's preferences, needs and values guide our clinical decisions - and providing care that is respectful. Our AHPs make a crucial contribution in supporting patient care by working within multi-disciplinary teams across the City; this includes colleagues from Health but often also includes Social Care and Education for example.

"As the Chief AHP I am the professional figurehead for all AHP groups employed by RWT. I ensure that AHPs have a single point of visibility and accountable professional leadership across the Trust.

I provide expert advice to Executive Directors on all matters affecting AHPs and represent AHPs as appropriate on Trust Boards and committees to ensure that AHPs have a voice."

Dr Rosalind Leslie PhD, MCSP, Chief AHP

AHP roles

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Day in the Life of a Chief AHP

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