Wards by hospital

Ward directory

Below is a list of wards by hospital. If you would like to contact a ward, please contact Switchboard on 01902 307999.

Ward Specialty Location
Acute Chemotherapy Unit (ACU) Oncology C35 - First Floor
Acute Medical Unit Medical Assessment C58
Appleby Suite Surgical Admissions A16 - Ground Floor
A10 Surgical Admissions A10 - Ground Floor
A12 General Surgery A12 - First Floor
A14 General Surgery A14 - First Floor
A21 Paediatrics A21 - First Floor
A23 Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) A23 - Second Floor
A24 Paediatrics A24
A5 Trauma and Orthopaedic A5 - First Floor
A6 Trauma and Orthopaedic A6 - First Floor
A7 Care of the Elderly A7 - First Floor
A8 Care of the Elderly A8 - First Floor
A9 Surgical Assessment Unit A9 - Ground Floor
B7 Cardiology Day Ward B7 - Second Floor
B15 Surgical Admissions B15 - Third Floor
Cardiology Ward Cardiology B15 - Third Floor
Cardiothoracic Ward Cardiothoracic B8 - Second Floor
Catheter Suite Cardiology B15 - Third Floor
C39 General Surgery C39
C15 Diabetes C15 - First Floor
C16 Diabetes C16 - First Floor
C17 Renal C17 - First Floor
C18 Respiratory C18 - First Floor
C19 Respiratory C19 - First Floor
C22 Dementia C22 - Ground Floor
C24 Medical Renal C24 - Ground Floor
C25 Female Medical Renal C25 - Ground Floor
C40 Beynon Day Case Unit C40
C41 Gastroenterology C41
Delivery Suite Maternity D16
Durnall Unit Oncology A24
Emergency Department Emergency Department C50 - Ground Floor
Emergency Department X-Ray Emergency Department C50
Gynaecology Gynaecology D7 - First Floor
Intensive Care Intensive Care B9 - Second Floor
Mary Jones Ward Ophthalmology A33 - First Floor
Maternity Ward Maternity Ward D10 - Second Floor
Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) Maternity D11 - Second Floor
Neonatal Unit Neonatal D6 - First Floor
Oncology/Haematology Ward (OHW) Oncology B11 - Third Floor
Stroke Unit Stroke C21

Ward Specialty Location
Fairoak Care of the Elderly Level 2
Appleby Suite Elective Orthopaedic Surgery (28 Beds)
Surgical Enhanced Care Unit (4 Beds)
Level 3

Ward Specialty Location
Neurology Rehabilitation Unit Neuro Rehabilitation Ground Floor
Ward 1 Stroke Ground Floor
Ward 2 Care of the Elderly 1st Floor
Ward 3 Care of the Elderly 1st Floor