Electronic rostering


What is Electronic Rostering?

Electronic rostering (or e-rostering) is an electronic way of efficiently managing when staff are needed to work.

Electronic rostering systems enable managers to quickly build their rosters, defining the number of employees (by skill-mix) needed to meet the demands of the NHS, ultimately to improve productivity and make significant savings through better management of the substantive and temporary workforces. It also enables trusts to manage their workforce flexibly, and to make it easier for employees to choose a better work-life balance.

Employees can roster themselves to work within the slots defined. The line manager confirms attendance, ensuring that pay accurately reflects the work done.

What e-Roster System Do I Use?

For the production and management of rosters, please access HealthRoster.

To view published rosters, request annual and study leave, view and directly book in to bank duties (subject to holding a bank post), please access Employee Online (recommend that if not already using, download the Allocate Me app as this has been optimised for mobile phones).

How Do I Access Training Materials and Frequently Asked Questions?

Please visit 'System Information and Training Guides' under Electronic Rostering on the intranet (please note that these pages are only accessible using a Trust device connected to the network).