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Media and Communications


All media enquiries relating to the hospital, its staff, patients and their families are handled by our Communications team.

The role of the team also includes writing press releases on the latest news and events at the Trust, responding to media queries, producing internal and external publications and the maintenance of the Trust’s social media feeds. 

Media and Press Enquiries

During office hours, all media and press enquiries should be directed to the Communications team by calling 01902 695884 or by email to Amy Downward, Communications Lead - Press and Media amy.downward@nhs.net.

For any media and press enquiries out-of-hours please contact the hospital switchboard on 01902 307999 who will direct your call to an appropriate member of staff.

Communications Team

Sally Evans: Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
Email: sally.evans17@nhs.net  
Telephone: 01902 695883

Emily Smith: Head of Communications
Email: emily.smith46@nhs.net  
Telephone: 01902 447299

Amy Downward: Communications Lead - Press and Media 
Email:  amy.downward@nhs.net 
Telephone: 01902 695886

Alice Sheppard: Communications Lead - Campaigns and Projects
Email: alice.sheppard3@nhs.net
Telephone: 01902 695885

Claire Hall: Communications Lead (Clinical Research Network West Midlands only)
Email:  claireanne.hall@nihr.ac.uk 
Telephone: 01902 695884 

Tim Nash: Communications Officer
Email:  tim.nash2@nhs.net 
Telephone: 01902 695884 

Molly Aston: Assistant Communications Officer
Email: m.aston1@nhs.net
Telephone:01902 695884  

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