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What is Work Experience?

What is Work Experience?

Work experience will:-
  • help you experience the world of work.
  • develop skills, knowledge and confidence for adult life.
  • set learning objectives for the future.
  • make you appreciate the relevance of what you learn at school/college.
  • show you how skills learned in schools can be applied in a real work situation.
  • widen your awareness of career opportunities available in our organisation and the community.
  • decide what kind of work you might choose when you leave school (or what you don't want to do!).
  • develop interpersonal and social skills to broaden your contact with a range of adults as colleagues.
  • give you an opportunity to learn different aspects of your desired career.
  • ensure participant continuity in an environment where health, safety and welfare is promoted.
  • be a useful feature to include on your CV when applying for jobs after leaving school. 
The aim of work experience is:-

"To provide an introduction to work habits, such as attendance requirements and working conditions as well as providing basic communication skills. Participants and young people should not be used to replace permanent staff. Every effort should be made to provide a structured course of experience which will assist participants to obtain future employment whether inside or outside the NHS."

What we expect of you
You must...
  • be fully prepared and informed about your work experience through an induction.
  • be punctual and reliable any problems must be reported to your work experience supervisor.
  • behave and communicate in a polite and professional manner at all times.
  • dress appropriately in smart clothing unless stated otherwise on induction.
  • maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • wear your visible ID badge at all times.
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