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Wards By Hospital

Wards by Hospital


  Acute Medical Unit A14 A6 
  Appleby Suite A21 (Children's Ward)  A7
  A10 A23 A8
  A12 A5 A9 (Surgical Assessment Unit)


 Beynon Short Stay B15  B7 


  Cardiology C15  C24 
  Cardiology Day Ward C16  C25
  Cardiothoracic C17 C39 
  Cardiac Catheter Suite C18 C40 
  Clinical Haematology Unit C19  C41
  Critical Care (ICCU) C22   


  Deanesly Delivery Suite  Durnall Unit 




  Intensive Care (ICCU)    


  Mary Jones Maternity Ward Midwifery Led Unit (MLU)


  Neonatal Unit    


  Stroke Unit    




  Hilton Main  


  Neuro Rehabilitation Unit    


  Ward 1  Ward 2                          Ward 3            


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