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Stroke Inpatients

Wolverhampton Stroke Service

We currently serve a population of around 500,000 from Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire and Cannock areas.

We have a 23 bedded Hyper-Acute and Acute Stroke unit based at New Cross Hospital and a 22 bedded Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at West Park Hospital. We also have access to a Neuro-Rehabilitation unit at West Park Hospital for Stroke patients with more complex needs and to rehabilitation beds at Cannock Chase Hospital as well.

We provide 24/7 Stroke thrombolysis and 7 day TIA clinics.

Our Current Staff

Our medical staff consists of 5 Stroke consultants, 1 SpR, 2 FY2s, 1 CT, 1 associate specialist and 1 Clinical fellow.

Our nursing staff consists of 2 Band 7 Ward managers, Band 6 sisters and Band 5 nurses across both hospital sites. 

We have 7 day physiotherapy and occupational therapy on our unit.

We have a Stroke specific practice educational facilitator (PEF) who oversees nurse competency and educational development. Our PEF also organises twice yearly Stroke educational 2-day courses that Stroke and non-Stroke professionals can attend. 

We have 2 dedicated TIA nurses who assist at our TIA clinics.

We have 3 Community Stroke specialists, 2 of which are non-medical prescribers who review TIA and Stroke patients at 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months after discharge.

We have a 7 day ESD team who review patients on same or next day after discharge. Over 40% of our patients access ESD after discharge from hospital.

We have 1 clinical psychologist.

Other On- site Hospital Amenities

We have 3 CT scanners with direct access to CTA on-site. We have 3 MRI scanners on site.

1 CT scanner and 1 MRI scanner of the above complement are based in our emergency department.

We have 7 day access to Carotid Doppler ultrasound to support our 7 day TIA clinics. We have a consultant- led neurology service with direct access to EEG and EMG diagnostics.

We have a tertiary cardiology and cardiothoracic service on site.

We have tertiary oncology and renal services on site.

Off-site Hospital Amenities

We refer all our suitable Stroke thrombectomy patients to the University Hospital North Midlands (UHNM). One of our Stroke consultants spends one day a week at UHNM to support the Stroke thrombectomy pathway.

Potential carotid endarterectomy patients are referred to our local vascular surgical team who rotate to the vascular hub at Russells Hall Hospital at Dudley which is 5 miles away.

We refer patients who require neurosurgical intervention to University Hospital of Birmingham which will include patients for hemicranectomy and SAH Management.

Service development

We have weekly Stroke business meetings with management.

We have formal quarterly Stroke development meetings with the whole multidisciplinary team to continually enhance our service provision.

We are now utilising a Capture Stroke database to allow our team to help analyse our Stroke metric performance in real time. This will upload to SSNAP. This allows all our Stroke disciplines to be able to develop and understand how to improve a more prospective way.

Our therapists have specifically developed and are initiating a tablet based device therapy tool with multiple apps aimed specifically at Stroke rehabilitation. Out patients can utilise these in addition to formal therapy sessions.

From a medical perspective we will be investing in CT perfusion in the coming months in addition to other technologies.


Our Vision

In essence our future vision summed up in few words, ‘To continually improve our Stroke knowledge and skills for the betterment of Stroke patient care’.

This will always be done as a team approach for our inpatient and community Stroke patients as our service develops. 

A Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham