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Activities and Advice

Activities and Advice

This section has been written for parents, carers and professionals who work with children for example teachers, nursery staff, Early Years staff, and Health Visitors.

Follow the links below to find the activities which are most appropriate for your child.


These are specific activities which will help develop your child’s language, speech and communication skills.

Your Speech and Language Therapist may have recommended you try a specific activity with your child to help them achieve their targets.

If you are new to our service you are welcome to have a look at the activities. The information about typical patterns of development is designed to help you decide which activities are best for your child. If you want further advice contact the Speech and Language Therapy Department.

Click on a topic below to see the activities that are available:

Tips and Advice:

These tips and advice sheets have been written to help you support your child’s communication skills.

Please use the links below to go to the pages which most suit you.

1 - 2 Years Talking Tips (PDF, 279Kb)

2 Years Talking Tips (PDF, 323Kb)

3 Years Talking Tips (PDF, 319Kb)

How Much Television Should my Child Watch? (PDF, 444Kb)

Should my Child Have a Dummy? (PDF, 234Kb)

Useful Information About Dummies (PDF, 349Kb)

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