• Safe & Effective
  • Kind & Caring
  • Exceeding Expectation


  • Contraception, STI, STD, LGBT, HIV
  • The structured use of a replicated clinical environment to recreate common and uncommon clinical scenarios in a safe environment in order to help understanding of clinical management and improve non-technical skills and patient safety
  • Day Case Chemotherapy Unit, Cancer Treatment
  • Social services can help with your personal care and day-to-day activities
  • The Wolverhampton Special Care Dental Service (WSCDS) is a unique service that provides dental care and treatment for special care patients including vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups in the area.
  • Available to all individuals over the age of 16 years with speech, language, voice or swallowing disorders
  • For children with speech, language, communication and/or eating and drinking difficulties
  • Stroke services
  • Specialist community review for stroke patients
  • Used to treat a range of neurological conditions and disorders
  • Care for stroke patients
  • The switchboard team answer all calls to the hospital via the main telephone number 01902 307999
  • Accommodation for staff at the Trust
  • A Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham