• Safe & Effective
  • Kind & Caring
  • Exceeding Expectation


  • Assessment unit for children
  • Support for parents, Part of children's services
  • Neurology Rehabilitation
  • Diagnosis, Treatment and prevention of illness
  • Information resources for patients and their families
  • Pharmacist, Chemist, Prescriptions, Medicine
  • Pharmacist, Chemist, Prescriptions, Medicine
  • Storing of medication
  • Taking blood for laboratory testing and analysis
  • Contact and travel details, together with information on which services are provided at this health centre, and whether an appointment is required to attend
  • The Phoenix Walk in Centre offers treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, without the need for a referral or appointment
  • Portering services
  • Information and advice specifically for private patients
  • Part of Finance corporate services
  • A Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham