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Tests And Screening During your Pregnancy

Tests And Screening During your Pregnancy

Maternity: Tests And Screening During your Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you will be offered a range of screening tests to try to identify any health problems that could affect you or your baby.  

The purpose of any screening test is to identify individuals who may be at risk of a particular disease or condition.  These tests will assist in making your pregnancy safer, and enable you to make choices about care or treatment throughout your pregnancy or after your baby is born.  

Whether to have screening or not is a personal choice.  You can discuss each of the screening tests you have been offered with our maternity team and decide based on your personal circumstances whether or not the test is right for you.

More information about the tests routinely offered in pregnancy can be found on your maternity app (please ask a member of the maternity team if you are having trouble accessing this). 

National antenatal screening publications are available to download in a variety of languages.  Please visit Public Health England’s Screening Tests For You And Your Baby webpage.

For a video showing the screening tests available during pregnancy and for newborn babies visit Public Health England’s Screening webpage.

Contact your community midwife or one of the screening midwives on 01902 307999 ext 6552 if you need any further information.

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