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Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team

Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team

Maternity Unit: Stopping Smoking in Pregnancy

We know that stopping smoking at any time in your pregnancy has health benefits for both you and your baby. The earlier you stop smoking the greater those benefits are to you both.

Research shows that you double your chances of stopping smoking if you have professional support and advice.

Our Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team can support you with a programme of support that will help you and your baby to be smoke free.

Meet the Team

Amanda and Sharni provide support to women and their families on our Maternity wards and throughout the Wolverhampton area, to help them stop smoking. 

They support families throughout pregnancy and after the birth of their children to have a healthier lifestyle, by helping them to stop smoking and maintain a smoke free home.

Amanda and Sharni offer weekly support to all smokers who live in the same household with a non-judgmental, understanding and caring approach.

Along with weekly support they will also support you to obtain Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT), which are prescribed through your GP.

Maternity Unit: Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team - Amanda and Sharnie
Pictured from left to right: Amanda and Sharni of our Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team
How Can I Get Help to Stop Smoking?

Your Midwife, Health Visitor or Doctor will refer you to the Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team, but you can also contact the team by email or by calling 01902 307999 ext 86307, or 07787285463 (Sharni) or 07811524275 (Amanda).

What Help Will be Offered?

Due to Covid-19, the Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team are currently providing weekly telephone consultations and texts to pregnant women and new mothers, within a programme of support that can last for up to 12 weeks. 

The team will contact you to discuss the support available, which will include free behaviour change advice to you and any smoker living with you, plus help for pregnant women in Wolverhampton to receive free Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Watch this video for instructions on how to use some cigarette replacement products, to help you stop smoking.

Why is it Important to Stop Smoking in Pregnancy?

Every time a pregnant woman smokes it means her baby gets less oxygen. Babies need this oxygen to help them grow and develop healthily.

Smoking means that mothers are also at more risk of miscarriage, stillbirth or having a premature or unwell baby.

Maternity Unit: The Impact of Smoking in Pregnancy

Watch this video to find out more about the impact of smoking on your baby during pregnancy.

To find out more about how stopping smoking can help your baby see the NHS Stop Smoking in Pregnancy webpage.

Being Smoke Free

Pregnant women and new born babies are also at risk if they live in a household (PDF, 74Kb) or share a car with anyone who smokes.

Breathing in ‘second hand smoke’ is harmful to mothers and babies, as it contains harmful chemicals that are breathed in by anyone in the same area as the person smoking.

‘Second hand smoke’ comes from burning tobacco products such as cigarettes or pipes, and from smoke being breathed out by the person smoking.

Maternity Unit: Impact of Second Hand Smoke

Third hand smoke - the smoke that remains after the cigarette, cigar or pipe has been put out - also contains harmful chemicals which will have settled on hair, skin, clothing and furniture.

This is why we advise that smokers should wait for 30 minutes after smoking before picking up a baby, making sure they wash their hands first. 

Maternity Unit: Please keep me smoke free sticker
Support for Your Friends and Family

The arrival of a new baby is a really good time for everyone to stop smoking. 

The Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team can also provide free behaviour change advice to any smoker living with you.

In addition, if those around you want to stop smoking they can also find self-help information on the City of Wolverhampton Council’s “Be Smoke Free” Wolverhampton Information Network webpages.

More Sources of Help and Support to Stop Smoking

There are many free NHS self-help tools available. Patients and public can search online ‘NHS Smokefree’ to find out more about:

NHS Smoking Helpline support - 0300 123 1044
NHS Smokefree App
NHS Email support programme
NHS Online Chat tool via Facebook
NHS Text support - Text ‘TIPS’ to 63818

Feedback from Women Who Have Stopped Smoking with Help from the Maternity Stopping Smoking Support Team

“When I found out I was pregnant I knew right away that I wanted and needed to stop smoking. I tried on my own but it was so hard - I kept going back to smoking. But when I had the support of the Stop Smoking Team it really helped. I was so nervous about my first appointment but I needn’t have been, the support worker was so friendly, informative and in no way judgemental. She understood everything I would go through during my journey and helped me with a plan. I was supported all through my journey to quit smoking.  I am 100% sure I will never touch another cigarette again. My children will be healthy” Keri - smoke free for over a year.

“My Stop Smoking supporter called me every week and that really helped me knowing I could talk to someone who understood how hard quitting would be. From the day we set the quit date I was so happy to have the support.  I did relapse twice but my supporter helped me get back on track - she was kind, friendly and supportive.” Lotty - smoke free for 12 weeks.

More Information

The Breastfeeding Network’s “How Safe Is…? Alcohol, Smoking, Medicines and Breastfeeding” leaflet provides information and guidance for breastfeeding mothers.

The Lullaby Trust provides information on the risks of smoking during pregnancy or after birth, including a “Safer Sleep for Babies - Smoking” factsheet

STORK for Parents is an interactive programme for parents and carers of new-born babies in the Wolverhampton area, and provides information and training on subjects such as smoking.

The Trust’s “You and your baby” Infant Feeding Team webpages provides images, videos, leaflets, weblinks and information about feeding your baby.

For information on smoking and coronavirus see Public Health England’s “COVID-19: advice for smokers and vapers” webpage and the Smoking and Coronavirus Advice for Parents factsheet (PDF, 369Kb)

The Five Ds of Smoking Cessation (PDF, 345Kb) is a set of tools you may find helpful to use when stopping smoking.

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