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Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie and Infant Feeding

A baby is known as ‘tongue tied’ when they have a tight or short membrane under their tongue.

The tongue may appear blunt or forked or have a heart shaped appearance and the membrane may be attached at the tongue tip or further back.

Recent research suggests that as many as one in ten babies may appear to be tongue tied, with half of them likely to have feeding problems.

Some babies with tongue ties can breastfeed perfectly, but others have difficulty breastfeeding and a few have difficulty bottle feeding.

If you would like to find out more about it, click here to download our “Parent Information on Tongue Ties information sheet.
You may also find some useful information on the following websites:

If you feel your baby has a tongue tie that is causing feeding problems, ask your health professional to refer you for an appointment with our Infant Feeding Team, after completing a feeding assessment with you.

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