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Involving the family

Involving dad and the family


There’s a lot that dad and the extended family – granny, granddad, aunt and uncle etc. – can do to support breastfeeding mothers.

It’s not just about changing nappies….

Babies love to be rocked, cuddled, carried, sang to, read to, played with, bathed and changed by members of their family, giving their parents some time to rest.

Help out a little around the home?

Family can also offer to help out around the home a little – perhaps offering to do a few chores so the new parents can devote more of their time to their baby.

Click here for some ideas of ways to help support a breastfeeding mother.

Skin to skin with family

Research tells us that when babies are held close to their main carers, usually their mother and father, important bonding and developmental processes occur for both baby and parents.

However, if baby is being looked after for a while by the extended family - for example grandparents, auntie or uncle - perhaps whilst mum and dad are resting, it is good to know that these family members can also enjoy skin to skin with baby, which will comfort and calm baby and promote their feeding cues.

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More information

Click here for sources of information and support for breastfeeding women and their families – a great way for relatives and partners to discuss other ways of supporting women breastfeeding their baby.

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