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Information about feeding your baby

Information about feeding your baby

Antenatal sessions

Infant Feeding Team antenatal class

Pregnant? Want to find out about breastfeeding?

Why not come along to a helpful, informative and engaging session to provide information regarding breastfeeding for you and a guest?

Sessions covering infant feeding run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons at New Cross hospital.

To book call the Infant Feeding Team: 01902 307999 Ext. 8389 

Please leave your full name, hospital number, date of birth, post code, contact number, email address & baby’s due date

Click here to download a session promotional flyer

Breastfeeding support and social groups

Breastfeeding groups are a great way to meet other breastfeeding women, socialise, make friends and receive breastfeeding information and support.

You are welcome to any of them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, although it is worth calling the venue in advance to check details.

In addition, many pregnant women find it very helpful to go along to a breastfeeding support group before the birth of their baby.

Sessions give you the opportunity to talk to other Mum’s, ask questions and meet your local breastfeeding support provider.

Click here for details of local groups

Leaflets and information

There are a number of publications which you might find useful for information on feeding your baby.

The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and the Department of Health publication “Off To The Best Start” contains important information about feeding your baby.

The NHS Health Scotland “Off To A Good Start” booklet gives all the information you need to know about breastfeeding your baby.

The UNICEF UK “Caring For Your Baby At Night - A Guide For Parents” contains valuable information for breast and bottle feeding parents on safe sleeping.

Bottle feeding your baby

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust promotes breastfeeding as the healthiest choice of feeding for both mothers and their babies.

We will provide support and information for all mothers however they choose to feed their baby.

If you wish to express your breastmilk and feed it to your baby by bottle, our staff will support you in this choice.

If you make an informed choice not to breastfeed, please note that New Cross Maternity Unit no longer routinely provides formula milk to new mothers.

The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative’s Responsive Bottle Feeding information sheet (PDF, 116Kb) provides important evidence based information about how to hold your baby and respond to their needs whilst bottle feeding.   

The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and the Department of Health publication “Guide to Bottle Feeding” contains important information on how to prepare infant formula and sterilise feeding equipment to minimise the risks to your baby.

Click here to download an information sheet giving details of what you’ll need to bring with you if you wish to artificially feed your baby (PDF, 33Kb)

Click here for more information about safe preparation of formula and bottle feeding your baby (PDF, 424Kb)

In addition, the  First Steps Nutrition Trust have produced a simple guide entitled “ Infant Milks: A simple guide to infant formula, follow on formula and other infant milks (January 2015)” which provides a summary of which infant milks are suitable for use across the first 2 years of life.

When your baby arrives

After your baby is born, you may want to discuss your feeding choices or get some support with feeding your baby.

Click here for information on “Breastfeeding your baby – the early days”

Breastfeeding and medication

If you are a breastfeeding mother, or a pregnant woman thinking about breastfeeding your baby, you may want to find out more about the safety of taking medication whilst breastfeeding.

Fortunately, taking medication does not usually mean that you have to stop breastfeeding temporarily or permanently, you can find out more on our breastfeeding and medications page.

Looking after yourself

It’s important that all new mothers and mothers to be look after themselves as well as their family, so the  First Steps Nutrition Trust have produced a guide entitled “ Eating well for new mums” to help you to make sure that you, and your family, can eat well.

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