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Collecting Your Breastmilk Before the Birth

Collecting Your Breastmilk Before the Birth

Many pregnant women are encouraged to express their colostrum milk late in pregnancy before baby is born. Reasons for this could be:

  • women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or pre-existing diabetes
  • twin/triplet pregnancy
  • planned C-section births
  • induction of labour
  • thyroid disease
  • cleft lip or palate
  • downs syndrome or congenital disease
  • mothers with breast abnormalities/surgery
  • expected period of time when you may be separated from your baby
  • because you want to!

How to Collect Breastmilk Before the Birth

Please see the video above explaining how to collect breastmilk before the birth.

Benefits of Collecting Breastmilk
Collecting Breast Milk Before the Birth

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Benefits, safe storage and transport of collected milk, and what to do with it on arrival at the hospital.

For more information see our What you need to know about expressing breastmilk before your baby is born leaflet (PDF, 288Kb), or contact one of our Breastfeeding Support Workers.

For general information about expressing breast milk see Expressing Your Breastmilk.

Information for parents whose baby may be at risk of low blood sugars

Some babies are at increased risk of developing low blood sugars in the first 24-48 hours after birth.

The video below provides information for those parents on how to care for their baby, how staff will monitor their baby and what to look out for in their baby that may indicate a low blood sugar.

Babies who are small, premature, unwell at birth, or whose mothers are diabetic or have taken certain medications (usually those to control high blood pressure in pregnancy) are those most at risk.

For more information see The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust’s Protecting Your Baby from Low Blood Sugar leaflet (PDF, 179Kb).

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