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Breastfeeding mothers as patients at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Breastfeeding mothers as patients at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Are you a breastfeeding mother admitted to New Cross for surgery or treatment as an inpatient?

If so the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust recognises that breastfeeding is very important for the health of both you and your family.

If you are breastfeeding please let a member of staff know, so that we can ensure that the appropriate support and care is provided.

Contact our Infant Feeding Team for further support and information.

Mothers Admitted to Hospital

If you are a mother admitted to hospital you may be very anxious about being separated from your baby.

If you are still breastfeeding you will need to keep your baby close for regular feeds, so every effort will be made by hospital staff to accommodate this, but if this is not feasible or safe then you should be given regular access to a breast pump.

The ward may not have the facilities for storing your breast milk, but expressed breast milk can be kept at room temperature for 6 hours. You will need to ensure that your breast milk is taken home for safe storage for longer periods than this.

For information on expressing and storing breastmilk see Expressing your Breastmilk.

Mothers due to have Surgery

If you are a new mother due to have surgery and require support in providing care for your baby, you may nominate a friend or relative to care for your baby who will be welcomed to stay – speak to ward staff to arrange this.

Separation of mother and baby is minimised as much as possible, and the situation reviewed regularly to accommodate your needs as much as possible, such as placing mothers who are breastfeeding in a side room.

Breastfeeding and Medication

If you are a breastfeeding mother you may have questions about breastfeeding and the medications you are prescribed during your stay at hospital.

Most medications are safe to take whilst breastfeeding, but your individual situation should be reviewed regularly, and the value of breastfeeding will always be considered in all decision making.

For information about breastfeeding and medication see Breastfeeding and Medication.

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