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Our department is actively involved in recruiting eligible patients to clinical trials and research studies. This allows us to offer newer treatments to patients through these clinical trials. Over the last 5 years we have increasingly been able to offer patients these options and last year we recruited over 400 patients to research studies. Our main focus of research is in colorectal cancer treatment and in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. In addition however we have studies looking at causes of liver disease and looking at new markers to identify inflammatory bowel disease and cancer early (these are called biomarkers).

Dr Brookes and his research team have also been successful in leading local research and have been successful in obtaining funding to do this to the amount of approximately £400,000 over the last 5 years. This funding has come from leading local and national charities, including the national institute for health research (NiHR). We now have a number of principle investigators leading projects in the Gastroenterology Department including Dr Steed, Dr McKaig, Dr Veitch, Dr Menon and Dr Brookes. We have strong collaborations, through this work, with a number of leading academic institutions including Birmingham University, Nottingham University and the University of Wolverhampton. Please feel free to ask about research and opportunitues to participate in clinical studies when you attend our clinics or endoscopiy unit.

Professor Brookes, Dr Steed, Professor Gamma and collaborators have been successful in obtaining funding to look into a new diagnostic test to evaluate Bile Salt Diarrhoea. Please use the link below to find out more:


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