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Inpatient Liver/Gastro Specialist Ward A7/A8

Inpatient Liver/Gastro Specialist Ward A7/A8

Nurse on Ward A7/A8

New Cross Hospital Ward A7/A8 (Adult Medicine) is an extremely busy acute medical ward that specializes in Gastroenterology and Liver patients. Each ward has 22 beds with a total of 44 Beds, in the near future bed ration will be increased on each ward to 28 beds. 

Both wards A7 and A8 have 4 side rooms ideally for isolated cases and patients requiring End of Life Care. Once the Ward are fully operational it is expected that A7 will be a Male only ward and A8 a dedicated Female Ward. There are 4 bays on both wards and each bay has an allocated nursing station. 

Patients are admitted to the ward either from AMU, OPD Clinic or directly from home. We also have a Liver/Gastro Nurse Led Day Case unit currently situated at Cannock Chase Hospital. The day case is utilized for patients that require abdominal paracentesis and various types of infusions which can range from IBD, Blood Transfusions etc.

The ward has eight consultants, namely Dr Chris Corbett, Dr Brian McKaig, Dr Ian Perry, Dr Andrew Veitch, Dr Matthew Brookes, Dr Shame Menon, Dr Aravinth Murugananthan, Dr Helen Steed, Dr Ray Mathews, and Dr Ashit Shah. 

The nursing team is comprised of a Senior Sister (Sr Laura Reynolds), four Junior Sisters / Team Leaders (Sr Hollie Brazier, Sr Arlene Serdena, Sr Manju Thomas, Sr Lucie and CN Sun) with a group of competent, passionate and caring Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants. 

The ward matron is Matron Neil Jarvis while the ward pharmacist is Daniel Peddie. We have a ward receptionist and ward assistant in the weekdays. We also work closely with other members of the multi disciplinary team such as the dieticians, specialist Drug and Alcohol liaison team, physiotherapists, Rehab team, Occupational Therapists and Patient Flow Team.

We are proud to have a multicultural and dynamic nursing team whose ethos is to have the knowledge to treat and the passion to care. The ward is committed to personal and professional development thus the staff receive support and training to deliver the care requirements of the specialty and enable them to achieve their full potential and become an integral member of the multi professional team.

Regular training is offered on top of the mandatory training required by the trust, there are regular training sessions provided by consultants and outside speakers, the team are offered one-to-one support if needed.

The specialist Liver and Gastroenterology ward performs a variety of standard and advanced procedures on a day-by-day basis. The team is driven to deliver the day-to-day service needs of in-patients by providing a high standard of care, clinical supervision and leadership.


The ward has previously successfully piloted, audited, achieved and implemented the 'Productive Ward' Initiative from the Institute of Innovation. 

We have developed and pioneered a recognized nationwide service of providing nurse-led ascitic taps and paracentesis procedures, thus leading the way to a Liver/Gastro Day Case Service. 

The ward and several members of staff have very proudly been nominated and awarded in the Trust Annual Awards ceremony known as The Royal Awards, we have achieved awards throughout 2014/2015 and 2016. 

The Liver/Gastroenterology team have received multiple nominations and awards for outstanding services which include the "CEO Team Award", "Outstanding Contribution to the Patient Experience Team Award", and "Patient and Staff Experience Individual Award". 

The ward has also been recognized during the Nurses’ Day as the winner for the "Best theme ward" and the "Best team effort" in two successive years.

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