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Liver Services

Liver Services


There are many types of liver disease which can be hereditary, viral, as a result of excessive use of substances like alcohol, or of being overweight. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) for example is now the leading cause of chronic liver disease. It is predominantly caused by obesity, but exacerbated by conditions like diabetes. In chronic liver diseases chronic inflammation leads to fibrosis of the liver - where scar tissue slowly replaces normal, functioning liver tissue. This can lead to liver damage and scarring (cirrhosis), ultimately causing liver cancer or eventually liver failure. Our team of experienced liver consultants (hepatologists) see patients in both general and specialist liver clinics, as well as through in-patient care.


The symptoms are vague and can be related to other health problems. In acute viral infection people will usually only have 'flu like' symptoms and only very occasionally are patients jaundiced (yellowing of the eyes / skin). Other symptoms may include Muscle aches, temperatures, tiredness, poor appetite, abdominal pain and confusion.

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