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My Results

Bowel Cancer Screening

My Results
A Normal Result

A normal result means that blood was not found in your test sample. A normal result does not guarantee that you do not have or will never develop bowel cancer in the future. You will be offered bowel cancer screening again in two years. In between this time it is im-portant to be aware of the symptoms of bowel cancer.

An Unclear Result

An unclear result means there was a slight suggestion of blood in your FOB test sample. An unclear result does not mean you have cancer just that you have to repeat the FOB test. This is necessary because polyps and cancers do not bleed all of the time, and it is important to find out whether or not there is blood in your stools. Most people who repeat the test will then receive a normal result.

An Abnormal Result

An abnormal result shows that blood may have been found in your FOB test sample - it is not a diagnosis of cancer, but it does mean that you will be offered a colonoscopy or an al-ternative investigation to examine the bowel. The abnormal result may have been caused by bleeding from bowel polyps, rather than a bowel cancer. If you receive an abnormal result, you will be offered an appointment with a specialist nurse to discuss having a more detailed examination of your bowel to see whether or not there is a problem that may need treatment.

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