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Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Screening

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offers screening every two years to all men and women aged 60 to 74 who are registered with a GP. The Screening Programme aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage in people with no symptoms, when treatment is likely to be more effective.

Residents in this age group will automatically be sent an invitation through the post, then their screening kit, so they can complete the test in the privacy of their own home. Your GP will provide your contact details, so it is important that they are kept up to date with any changes.

The Faecal Occult Blood test or FOB (occult blood means hidden blood) does not diagnose bowel cancer, but the results will tell you whether you need an examination of your bowel. This is called a colonoscopy.

Bowel Cancer screening can also detect polyps, which are not cancers, but may develop into cancers over time. They can be easily removed at a screening colonoscopy, reducing the risk of bowel cancer developing.

Please use the link below to see our Annual Report for April 2017 - March 2018:

NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (PDF, 513Kb)

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