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Ages 12-16
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Ages 12-16

Whether you are a young person, or the parent/guardian/carer of a young person, the 0-19 team are here to offer you advice, support and information to help you and your family be as healthy as possible. We offer all young people the following:
  • A “drop in” session at your secondary school - This is run by a school nurse where a young person can get confidential advice about any physical, sexual, or mental health concerns
  • Nurses support health education and promotion in schools
  • Young people attending the Youth Offending Team will be offered a universal assessment
All immunisations in this age range are offered by Vaccination UK.
  • In year 8 all girls are offered the HPV (cervical cancer) vaccine
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio and Men ACWY are now given in year 9
We realise being a teenager can be tough and want to help you in any way we can, for example:
  • Health needs/medical problems
  • If you feel depressed, stressed or anxious
  • Having problems with relationships
  • Want contraceptive advice, including emergency contraception
  • Are concerned about your sexual health
  • Have questions about your identity
  • Having problems going to the toilet
  • If you don’t feel safe, either at home, at school or outside of school
  • If you are caring for a parent who is ill or disabled
  • If you want help with quitting smoking
  • Advice about alcohol and drug use
  • Want help managing your weight and healthy eating
Useful Information

Below are links to a wide range of websites and online leaflets. These are all based on the most up to date advice and information:

General Advice
NHS website - Child Health
NHS website - Teen Boys Health
NHS website - Teen Girl Health 
KOOTH -  On Line Counselling Service  
BEAM - Emotional Health and Well-Being Service

Teenagers Concern
NHS website - Teenagers and Sleep NHS website - Bedwetting
ERIC - Teenage Continence
NHS website - Sex and Young People

Teenager as Carers
NHS website - Being a Carer

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