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Patient Feedback and Success Stories

Patient Feedback and Success Stories

The R&D Directorate at RWT actively seeks feedback from research participants on their experiences of taking part in research at the Trust. The results indicate how well the research team is displaying the Trust values and behaviours of providing safe and effective care, being kind and caring and exceeding expectations.

Our most recent patient experience questionnaire, completed by 195 participants of research during 2017/18, showed that 96% of them felt research is important to improve healthcare services.

The following levels of satisfaction were reported:

  • 96% felt research staff maintained their privacy and dignity
  • 86% felt communication from the research team was excellent
  • 90% felt fully informed about the study prior to taking part.
  • 86% reported the care provided was of the highest standard
  • 80% would consider participating in research again
  • 78% would recommend participating in research to a friend or family member 
Every aspect of the study was explained in great detail, staff were very professional at every appointment. - Participant in midwifery study.
I was surprised how well organised the study was. Was a bit scared before-hand, because of the unknown but afterwards felt it was a pleasant experience by the way I was treated and respected throughout. – Participant in cancer study.
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