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Meet The Team

Meet the R&D Team

Research and Development employs staff that work all over the Trust, with bases in Building 9 (Chestnuts), McHale Building, Deanesly Centre, Maternity Basement, Ophthalmology and Cannock Chase Hospital.

Additionally, over 100 Doctors are actively engaged in research, along with countless nurses and support staff such as Pharmacists and Radiographers. Research and Development truly has a hospital-wide presence. Please click on the team headers below to see our staffs’ details.

Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover 
R&D Directorate Manager

Research & Development: Pauline Boyle

Pauline Boyle
R&D Managing Director

Alison Hardwick Hazelgren

Alison Hardwick-Hazelgren
Lead Research Nurse

R&D Directorate Management                         

  R&D Project Manager - Lorraine Jacques, lorraine.jacques@nhs.net

  Quality Assurance Manager - Emma Mobberley, emma.mobberley@nhs.net / 01902 695117

  Workforce Support Manager - Kim Kinsella, kim.kinsella@nhs.net

  Senior Project Co-ordinator - Sharon Murphy, sharonmurphy3@nhs.net


  Senior Research Sister - Katherine Vassell (Maternity leave)

  Senior Research Nurse - Lawrence Phiri (Maternity leave cover)

  Cardiac Research Sister - Stella Metherell

  Cardiac Research Sister - Debbie Turnbull

  Cardiac Research Sister - Jallen Cruz

  Cardiac Research Sister - Jinalyn Gibson


  Research Nurse - Mohamed Mooradun

Diabetes / Paediatrics

  Research Sister - Charlotte Busby


  Senior Gastroenterology Research Sister - Marie Green

  Gastroenterology Research Sister - Sunita Dias-Juliao


  Haematology Research Sister - Lucy Lunn

  Haematology Research Sister - Sarah Hickman

  Haematology Research Sister - Sharon Pearson

  Haematology Research Sister - Rachael Williams

Maternity, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  Research Midwife - Julia Icke

  Research Midwife - Ellmina McKenzie

  Research Midwife - Philippa Rafferty


  Oncology Research Sister - Claire Lomas

  Oncology Research Sister - Davina Warrender

  Oncology Research Sister - Kay Hadlington

  Oncology Research Sister - Bal Kaur Rai

  Oncology Research Sister - Sharon Rudge


  Ophthalmology Research Sister - Paris Papadopoulos

  Research Sister - Rhianne Pinnock

Primary Care

  Primary Care Research Nurse - Lawrence Phiri


  Renal Research Sister - Teresa Byrne

  Renal Research Nurse - Jake Loveridge


  Research Sister - Blessing Okoko

Cannock Staff

  Senior Research Nurse - Julie Edwards

  Research Sister - Annette Wilkinson

  Research Sister - Joanne Fletcher

  Research Sister - Lynette Wheeler

  Research Sister - Rhianne Pinnock

Clinical Research Practitioner

  Anna Grant

  Laura Devison

  Liz Radford

Clinical Trials Assistants

  Simon Shaw

  Jason Rogers

  Ann Plumbe

  Joanne Mundy

  Danielle Steward

  Evie Hawker

Project Management Team

  Senior Project Co-ordinator - Sharon Murphy

  Project Co-ordinator - Dina Perry

  Project Co-ordinator - Sarah Milgate

  Project Co-ordinator - Emma Weaver

  R&D Administrator - Donna Newell

Project Team

  R&D Administrator - Lorraine Jacques

  Project Administrator for Sponsorship - Rebecca Vanes


  Quality Assurance Manager - Emma Mobberley

Workforce Development

  Workforce Development Manager - Kim Kinsella

  Workforce Development Administrator - Katie Chidlow

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