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Visiting a Patient

Visiting a Patient

Our aim is to provide a calm and restful environment to help patients recover. Visiting times are the same across most of the wards within New Cross, West Park and Cannock Chase Hospitals.

New Cross Hospital
  • 12pm to 7pm, with the exception of:   
    • Children’s, neonatal and maternity services differ from these times so it is best to check with the ward staff before visiting
    • Visiting times for day surgery and surgical wards A8, A9 (Surgical Assessment Unit), A12, A14, A23, C39 and D7 are 2.30pm – 4pm and 7pm-8pm
West Park Hospital
  • 12pm to 7pm
Cannock Chase Hospital
  • 12pm to 7pm, with the exception of:   
    • Hilton Main Ward: 1:30pm - 7:00pm

Please discuss with the nurse in charge if you wish to visit outside of these hours.

For more information please see our Visitors' Charter.

Infection Control

Our staff work very hard to reduce the risks of passing on infections to patients.

As a visitor, you can help cut the spread of infections by following a few simple rules which are outlined in our Infection Prevention pages.

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