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Visitors' Charter

Visitors' Charter

Working Together for Our Patients

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is an organisation that strives to provide high quality, safe care for our patients in an environment which our staff are proud to work in. We recognise that visiting a person in hospital plays an important part in helping their treatment, recovery and overall care. That’s why we welcome visitors and support flexible visiting times to suit patients and families individual needs.

Flexible Visiting 12 noon - 7pm

Our aim is to provide a calm and restful environment to help patients recover. Visiting times are the same across most of the wards within New Cross, West Park and Cannock Chase Hospitals. Please discuss with the nurse in charge, if you wish to visit outside these hours. Exceptions to this are Children’s, Neonatal Unit and Maternity. Please contact these areas directly for visiting arrangements. Visiting times for Day surgery and surgical wards A12, A14, A23 and D7 is 14.30 - 16.00 and 19.00 - 20.00. Visiting times for Hilton Main Ward at Cannock Chase Hospital are 1:30pm - 7:00pm.

What you can expect from our staff:

  • We will be polite and courteous at all times, making people feel welcome
  • We will wear Trust photo identification badges visibly at all times
  • We will conform to our infection prevention policies / procedures
  • We will maintain a tidy and clean environment
  • We will try our best to keep key family members or next of kin informed of any information which the patient feels they need to know and will make contact as necessary
  • We will welcome any comments or feedback you have about your hospital visit
  • We will ensure that facilities for hand washing and alcohol hand rub are accessible to you
  • We believe Mealtimes Matter and we will try to avoid care delivery at mealtimes so that patients can eat their meal in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere with minimal interruption
  • Visitors are welcome to assist the person they are visiting at mealtimes, with their agreement. Please speak to the nurse in charge before assisting
  • We cannot accept any liability for a patient’s money and / or valuables unless it has been handed in for safekeeping
  • We will ask you to leave for a short time whilst we deliver care to your relative or friend and we will inform you when you can re-enter
  • We will ask you to leave for a short time whilst the ward round is in progress to protect patient confidentiality.

What we expect from visitors:

  • Please be polite and courteous to staff, other patients and visitors
  • Please allow patients the opportunity to rest. Remember that rest is important- for you and the person you are visiting. Be respectful to other patients and keep noise levels to a minimum; put your mobile phone on silent
  • Please nominate one person to liaise with staff and pass on information to family/ friends. Remember information cannot be given unless the patient has given their permission
  • Please talk to the nurse in charge if you feel you have not been given enough information
  • Please do not disturb nursing staff when they are administering medication (drug rounds); other staff will be available if you need anything. If a nurse is not available to answer your queries immediately, they will come back to you
  • Please respect the confidentiality and privacy of others by not filming or photographing patients, visitors or staff
  • Please ensure that no more than two people visit at one time
  • Please do not bring children under 12 years old without prior discussion with the nurse in charge. It is not recommended to bring babies under 1 year old into the hospital
  • Please bring suitable clothing and toiletries for your friend or relative
  • Please do not smoke outside entrances but use the smoking shelters provided

Infection Prevention:

  • Please do not visit if you have had flu-like symptoms or diarrhoea or vomiting in the last two days
  • Please use the alcohol hand gel before entering and leaving the ward
  • Please speak to the nurse in charge before entering if the patient that you are visiting is in a single room and isolation signs are displayed
  • Please do not sit on beds or patient chairs
  • Please do not use the patients’ toilet on the ward, staff will be happy to direct you to the nearest visitor’s toilets
  • Please dispose of litter in bins and respect our hospital site and help us to keep it clean and tidy
  • When there is an infection outbreak visiting may be restricted in order to contain the infection as quickly as possible to keep you and our patients safe
  • In the interest of health and safety please do not leave flowers, including pot plants and artificial flower arrangements on the ward.


Visitors' Charter (PDF, 519Kb)

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