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Scooter Service

Scooter Service

The volunteer scooter service at New Cross Hospital operates to transport visitors around the hospital along a fixed route between 10:00am and 4:00pm from Monday to Friday. It stops, to drop-off and pick-up passengers,  at the following locations, where corridor benches have been designated as stopping points.

Please note: due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be operating the volunteer scooter service at the following times:

  • Monday morning
  • Tuesday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Friday morning

We hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible

Stopping Point Number Location
1 A34 - Eye Infirmary Bench (external - in dry weather only)
2 A27 - Outpatients Bench (external - in dry weather only)
3 West Entrance Bench (Directions Board)
4 A16 - Appleby Suite Benches (waiting area)
5 Greggs Bakery (recess near to double doors)
6 Radiology Corridor Bench
5 Greggs Bakery (recess near to double doors)
7 Heart and Lung Centre (bench near to South doors)
8 C1 - Macmillan Info Centre (bench near to return wall)
9 C8 - Renal and Haematology (drop-off only)
10 C12 - Discharge Lounge (bench)
11 C50 - East Entrance (taxi phone bench)
12 C23 - Stroke Ward (bench)
14 C27/28 - Diabetes Services (bench)
15 C35 - Deanesly Centre (bench)
16 South Entrance Bench
17 C39 - Beynon Centre (external canopy - in dry weather only)

Download Scooter Service Route and Stopping Points Map (PDF, 171Kb)

The scooter will pass each stop at regular intervals and any visitor wishing to use the service will be directed to the nearest stopping point. Wayfinders will regularly check stopping points and advise whether the scooter service is in operation.

Please note: scooters will not be allowed to deviate from the designated route and external stopping points will only be accessible in dry and ice-free conditions.

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