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Private Patients

Private Patients

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust offers a range of facilities for paying patients.

Consultations and treatment are offered as outlined below

  • Option 1: Amenity beds
    As an NHS patient you can request to pay for an amenity bed.  These are available (subject to bed availability) on most wards and offer you a single room. There are no other enhanced services included in the fee for the bed.

    Please note
     - priority is always given to patients whose clinical condition requires them to be cared for in a single room.  Should the room you have paid for be required for another patient on medical grounds you will be moved to another bed and will only be charged for the time for which you used the bed.
  • Option 2: Patient choice - if you wish to self-fund your consultation and subsequent treatment
    A referral to the consultant of your choice should be made in consultation with your GP. In most cases we will ask for payment ahead of treatment, however it may be possible to negotiate payment in instalments.
  • Option 3: Payment via an insurance company
    If you have private medical cover either personal or through your work you should make your GP aware of this prior to referral. At the time of consultation you will be asked to provide details of the cover to ensure that it is adequate for the treatment you will receive

Options 2 and 3 are available for outpatient consultations, daycase and inpatient procedures and any investigations necessary to support treatment. Charges are made up of a hospital fee which covers the whole episode of treatment unless otherwise stated. Consultant fees, including anaesthetist, radiologist, and any other specialist who may be involved in the treatment. There may be additional charges for certain drugs, implants / prosthesis and dressings.

If you start your treatment as a private patient it is possible to transfer to the NHS list at a later stage. You will need to discuss the implications for your treatment and the waiting times for appointments with your consultant.

Private Services

  • Radiology – the Radiology Department offers a comprehensive private service. Details can be found on the NX Imaging website.

  • Maternity Services – Midland Pregnancy Health Services offers a range of obstetric services please  click here for further details.

  • Private Cervical Smear Service The Gynaecology Department at New Cross Hospital offer cervical smears on a private basis including HPV screening. It is ideal for women who are not eligible for NHS screening or who would like more regular screening. The cost is £100 for cervical smear and HPV testing.
    Please contact: 01902 695157 to book an appointment

Overseas Visitors
Overseas visitors are not routinely entitled to free treatment. There are some exceptions:

If you require emergency treatment in an Accident and Emergency Department this is free of charge, however you will be charged for any admissions to hospital or follow up outpatient consultations.

Visitors from European Union member states are entitled to free healthcare under the reciprocal agreement. You will be asked to provide details of your home address.
There are some other countries with whom England has reciprocal agreements to offer free treatment. If you think this applies to you please ask your GP at the time of referral.

Asylum seekers are entitled to free healthcare on production of the correct home office documentation.

It is a legal requirement for all hospitals to identify overseas visitors and confirm eligibility to treatment before the treatment commences.

Data Protection
Subject to confirmation of identity and upon receipt of written request the following information from Health Records is available. All fees are inclusive of postage and packing:

1. Access to Health Records £50.00
2. Time of birth £15.00
3. Insurance claim forms £15.00
4. X-Rays (provided on CD Rom) £25.00 each
5. Private sickness certificate

For further information please contact the Paying Patients Department on 01902 695546 or alternatively  download the leaflet 'Guidance Notes For Private/Non-Resident Patients'

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