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Children's Privacy Notice

Data Controller: Children's Services

Children’s Services incorporates all children’s services provided by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. This includes:

  • A21 Children’s Ward at New Cross Hospital
  • Paediatric Assessment Unit at New Cross Hospital
  • Children’s Outpatient Department at New Cross Hospital and the Gem Centre
  • Child Development
  • Children and Young People in Care Service
  • Community Children’s Nurses
  • Education and Healthcare Plans
  • Special School Clinics
  • 0-19 Service encompassing School nurses, Health Visitors and the Partnering Families Team
  • Child Protection
  • Child Sexual Assault

We provide services from a number of different locations, including:

  • New Cross Hospital
  • The GEM Centre
  • Cannock Chase Hospital
  • Health Centres across Wolverhampton
  • Schools, including Special Schools
  • Care in patients homes


The trust has to collect lots of information about you and your parents or carers in order to make sure that we can make the right decisions about your care.

To do this your doctor and the team of health staff caring for you will keep records about your health and any care you receive from us. This is called your ‘Health Record’ and may be stored in a paper form or on computer systems. This may include:

  • Basic details such as your name, address, date of birth, NHS number, gender, next of kin, and ethnicity 
  • Details of your hospital appointments/visits
  • Notes and reports about your health, treatment and care
  • Results of x-rays, scans and laboratory tests
  • Other important information from people who care for you and know you well, such as health professionals and relatives

When you are receiving care, whether it be from a consultant, nurse, health visitor, school nurse, junior doctor or any other health care professional, they will ask you and your parents or carers for information about your health (this may be your current health and also how you have felt in the past). This is used by healthcare professionals to plan what care they need to provide you, and how to help.

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We use your information to make decisions about your care. We make sure that we handle your data in a legal way and do not break the law by sharing your information with people that do not need it.

The legal reasons we use your information are:

  • To make sure we provide you with the correct care
  • To use your information (along with other patients’ information) to plan our services in the future
  • To use to research and study information so we can learn and use what we have found to make things better
  • To comply with the law - some information we need to collect to make sure that we act legally
  • To use if we ever need to protect you or your parents or carers (called ‘Safeguarding’)

  These include:

  • NHS Trusts National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990
  • NHS England’s powers to commission health services under the NHS Act 2006 or to delegate such powers
  • 251B of the Health and Social Care Act 2012
  • The Access to Health Records Act 1990
  • General Data Protection Regulations 2018
  • Carers (Service and Recognition) Act 1995
  • The Children’s Act 2004
  • The Education Act 2002

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Your information will be shared with anyone that is involved in your care. As well as healthcare staff, this may include administrative staff and managers. Some staff in our Information, Information Technology and Coding Departments may also access this data. All staff work under rules (policies) that means that they can only access your information if they need to as part of their jobs.

Some information will be shared with our commissioners. Our commissioners are the people that pay us for the work that we do (they are called ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups’).

Some information will also be shared with national organisations such as the Department of Health, NHS England or Royal Colleges. This is to help the planning of services across the country.

As part of your care and protection, we may also share your information with any other health or social care organisation or person involved in your care.

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We collect your information in a number of ways:

Face to Face:
This information will come from you and your parents or carers. Most information will be gathered when you come for an appointment (or we come to you), or you come to use the Paediatric Assessment Unit or our Emergency Services.

Telephone calls:
If you or your parents or carers tell us any information over the phone we may use some of this information and add it to your patient notes. We will tell you if we do this.

If you or your parents or carers email us we may keep a record this and your email address for our record keeping.

Other departments:
If you were born at New Cross hospital, the Children’s Department get given information from our Maternity Services.

If you are cared for by other doctors at our trust (for example a specific surgeon), information will be passed between doctors and staff to make sure that everyone is aware of what care you need.

Other organisations:
If you are referred by your GP, or another hospital, some of your information will also be on the referral letter that we receive (such as personal ‘demographic’ information, and information about the care that they think you may need).

If you and your parents or carers move into our area from outside of Wolverhampton, you will automatically come under our 0-19 Services which include Health Visitors, the Partnering Families Team and School Nurses. If this is the case, we will receive some of your information from your previous NHS Trust that cared for you. They may send this in the post or in an email.

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The Data Protection Act 2018 provides individuals with many rights relating to how their data is processed by the Trust. Individuals absolutely have the right to access data held about them, and should apply to the Health Records Access Team  below. Other rights include rectification of inaccurate information, the right to be told about how information is used, the right to object to processing and the right to have their record restricted in certain situations.

If you are 13 or older and have the ability to understand what is happening (known as having ‘capacity’) you have the right to make decisions about your information. If a young person aged 13 to 16 wants to make a decision about their information, a doctor will let the trust know that you ‘have capacity’ to make that decision.

If you or your parents or carers would like to make an application or discuss any of your rights, please email rwh-tr.healthrecordsaccess@nhs.net. We will try to reply to you within 30 days, but if your application is complicated, we may need to ask you for longer.

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You and your parents have the right to see or have copies of any information that we hold about you. You do not have to pay for this (unless you make a lot of requests or request a lot of extra information). This is called making a ‘Subject Access Request’.

To request access to health records please write to us at the following address. We will try to reply to you within 30 days, but if your application is complicated, we may need to ask you for longer.

Health Records Access Team 
Health Records Library
Location B19
New Cross Hospital
Wednesfield Road
WV10 0QP

Email: rwh-tr.healthrecordsaccess@nhs.net
Telephone: 01902 307999 Extension 5544

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All our records are destroyed in accordance with the NHS Retention Schedule, which sets out the appropriate length of time each type of NHS records is retained. We do not keep your records for longer than necessary.

All records are destroyed confidentially once their retention period has been met, and the Trust has made the decision that the records are no longer required.

GP Patient Records are retained for 10 years after patient death. For more information please see the Record Management Code for Practice for Health and Social Care 2016, retention schedules.

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If you have any questions about your care or a complaint, please speak to the health professional with your care in the first instance. If this is not resolved to your satisfaction you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

If you have any concerns about how your information is being processed or any of the rights as detailed above, please contact the Trust in the first instance through:

Health Records Access Team 
Health Records Library
Location B19
New Cross Hospital
Wednesfield Road
WV10 0QP

Email: rwh-tr.healthrecordsaccess@nhs.net
Telephone: 01902 307999 Extension 5544

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Raz Edwards
Email: rwh-tr.IG-Enquiries@nhs.net
Address: New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton Road, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0QP.

You also have a right to complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel the Trust has not responded effectively to any of the above.

Information Commissioners Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone: 0303 123 1113
Website:  https://ico.org.uk/

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