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National Inpatient Survey 2017 Results

National Inpatient Survey 2017

The 2017 National Inpatient Survey 2017 is part of a national survey programme run by CQC to collect feedback on the experiences of patients over the age of 16 or older and had spent at least one night in hospital and who were discharged in July 2017. They were sent a survey inviting them to comment on various aspects of their care.

This was part of the national inpatient survey, commissioned by the Care Quality Commission. All NHS hospitals are required to participate every year.

The results contribute to CQC’s assessment of NHS performance as well as ongoing monitoring and inspections. The programme also provides valuable feedback for NHS trusts, which they can then use to improve patient experience.

Obtaining feedback from patients is vital for bringing about improvements in the quality of care and this is an excellent way for women to directly influence services locally.

  • At The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, the survey was sent to 1,250 patients of whom 444 completed and returned questionnaires - a 37.2% response rate

The results of the national inpatient survey were published by CQC on 13th June 2018.

  • With 444 surveys returned completed, the Trust had a response rate of 37.2% which was a reduction compared to the previous year. Nationally the overall response rate was 41%
  • The Trust scored in the top 20% of Trusts on 9 questions and in the bottom 20% of Trusts on 3 questions
  • Compared with 2016, the Trust showed an improvement of 5% or greater improvement on 6 question scores and a 5% or greater reduction in score on 1 question. In the 2016 survey results the Trust showed an improvement of 2.5% or greater improvement on 1 question score and a 2.5% or greater reduction in score on 19 questions
  • The Trust scored an average score of 76% from an overall possible score of 100%. This is higher than the results from the 2016 survey 

About our strengths

  • A&E Department - information giving and privacy
  • Keeping to planned admission dates and waiting for a bed
  • Waiting lists
  • Enabling patients to take their own medicines
  • Information giving by doctors and nurses – before operations/procedures, after operations/procedures and before leaving hospital

Areas for further consideration and potential improvement include:

  • Nurses talking to patients as if they weren’t there
  • Enabling patients to give feedback on care or make complaints

A detailed action plan has been compiled to assist with further improvements.

A copy of the results can be found at https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/RL4/survey/3

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