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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


For help using MyRWT, please download the document below:-

Zesty - Help Centre Articles (PDF, 786Kb)

Alternatively, check out these frequently asked questions.

Instructions on how to register are contained in the guide below.

MyRWT Patient Registration Guide (PDF, 1Mb)

In order to register there are a few things you will need. These are outlined below:

Mobile phone and signal
You will need a mobile phone containing the original invitation SMS text message.

You will also need your mobile to hand and have a phone signal during registration in order to receive and use the 5 digit code required to complete registration.

Device with a browser and an internet connection
You will need a device (which could be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer). This will need an up to date browser and internet connection.

Email address that has not already been used for registration
Finally, you will need to use an email address that has not previously been used for registration. This is because the email address is used as part of the registration and login process and needs to be uniquely associated with one patient record.

If you have forgotten the email address you previously used to register, we can provide you with a hint to the email address you used. To get the hint:

  • Go to the login page in your browser
  • Select the Forgot email? link

You will be presented with the Recover your email address screen. From here:

  • Input your NHS number 
  • Input your date of birth

Please note - If your date of birth is 1st October 1985, you would input 01 10 1985

  • Select Recovery email

You will then be presented with a message noting that the NHS number entered is associated with an email address. It then shows some of the characters of the email as a reminder.

From here you can then select Return to login to open the login screen.

If you've forgotten the password that you used to log in previously, you can go to the login screen and select the Forgot password link. This will send an email to you with instructions to reset your password. To do this:

  • Go to the login screen in your browser
  • Select Forgot password?
  • Input your email address
  • Select Reset Password

You will then be presented with a page noting that you have been sent an email with password reset instructions.

If you now open the reset email in your inbox.

  • Select the link Change my password in the email

You will be taken to a new web page where you can enter your new password:

  • Enter a new password
  • Retype the new password
  • Select Reset password

You will now be presented with a confirmation page as you have successfully changed your password. You can now select Return to login and use your new password to access your account.

Note: Your password must be at least eight characters and contain at least one number.

If you are having problems registering, there are a few things you can check.

Have you received an invitation SMS text message?
If you have received the invitation SMS text message you can tap the link to being registration.

Are you inputting your date of birth correctly?
For example, if your date of birth is 14th April 1985, you would input the date in the format 14 04 1985. The website then formats this automatically as 14/04/1985.

Are you inputting a valid email address?
When you are adding your email address, it needs to follow an appropriate format to be recognised as a valid email address. You will be able to see if your email address is accepted if a green tick appears next to the email address field.

Are you using an email address that has already been used for registration?
If you are using an email address that has already been used to register, you will need to use a different email address. This is because the email address is used as part of the login process and needs to be uniquely associated with one patient record.

Are you inputting a password that meets the minimum requirements?
Your password needs to be at least 8 characters and contain at least 1 number.

Non-technical problem
If you experience a non-technical problem such as:

  • Your details are incorrect
  • You have a query around an appointment

Please contact the appointments team via the telephone number detailed on your appointment letter.

Technical problem
If you experience a technical problem such as:

  • The website not functioning correctly
  • Features not working.

This can be reported directly from the app via the help centre. 

If you do not want to receive SMS text messages in respect of the online portal, you can opt out of receiving them.  

To do this open the SMS that you have already received and you should find instructions to opt out of communication at the end of that message.

If you do not have an SMS or the message does not contain the opt out information this can be found below:

Send RWT STOP to 60777

A Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham