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myRWT Patient Portal

myRWT Patient Portal

MyRWT: Mobile Phone

Digital technology is continually being adapted and utilised in our everyday working life and many patients may already receive electronic reminders from their general practitioners and dentist. We are keen to offer similar levels of service to our patients.

To support our patients we launched the myRWT patient portal in March 2021 which is accessible via a smartphone, laptop or other smart device. For more information about the launch, read our press release Launch of Electronic Appointment System.

The aim of the portal is to:-
  • Give patients easier access to information about their appointments
  • Reduce the chance of lost letters and confusion about appointment dates and times
  • Show information online which is available to them wherever they are
  • Provide them with options as to how they receive information from the hospital
Patients will receive a text message inviting them to register with the myRWT patient portal via link from their mobile device. Once registered patients will be able to:-
  • see details relating to some of their outpatient appointments
  • view a digital version of some of their appointment letters
  • add these appointments to their personal calendar

In the future patients who use the portal will be able to opt out of receiving paper versions of some of the appointment correspondence.

If you have not registered for the portal and have a future appointment, you can still register for MyRWT.

MyRWT: Log In to myRWT
MyRWT: Register For myRWT

To register you will need the following:

NHS Number
You will need your NHS number. You will find this on a letter from your hospital.

Mobile Phone
You must have a mobile phone number on record with the hospital. This is normally the number the hospital sends you text messages on. This phone must be switched on and able to receive text messages.

The privacy notice for the myRWT portal can be found by at myRWT App Privacy Notice.

Welcome to the RWT Patient Portal

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Paperless Option Update

Earlier this year the Trust introduced the MYRWT patient portal which enables patients over the age of 18 to receive and access many of their appointment letters digitally via an app.   As part of the registration process, patients can opt to become “paperless”.   This means that those appointment letters being sent via MYRWT would become an electronic notification only and the paper copy currently being sent via Royal Mail would no longer be sent. 

In the coming weeks the Trust will begin to implement the paperless option but this will only affect those patients who have specifically opted out of receiving paper letters and will only apply to those letters which are available via MYRWT.   All other correspondence will continue to be sent in the usual way.

Patients who have registered for the MYRWT Patient Portal can review their preferences via the My Details section of the MYRWT Patient Portal.

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