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West Park Rehabilitation Hospital – Rehabilitation Art Group

West Park Rehabilitation Hospital – Rehabilitation Art Group

  • Occupational Therapy Service art group – patients are assessed and referred to attend by occupational therapists.  
  • To encourage patients to use their affected limb as part of on-going therapy

  • To enable patients to continue with a hobby or develop an interest in art for the first time in a group setting.  Perhaps start undertaking art activities at home.

  • To socialise with other patients.  Stroke patients with speech problems can practice speaking within a group that understands their problems – many patients with speech problems do not feel confident enough to mix with people that do not understand their problems and therefore become very isolated.

  • Art volunteers support the group by facilitating arts and crafts activities

  • Support from donations assists with provision of arts materials and activities.
Contact Details: Arts Manager | Email: rwh-tr.Arts@nhs.net | Tel: 01902 307999
A Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham