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Emergency Department – Artwork and Innovative Patient Information Panels

Emergency Department – Artwork and Innovative Patient Information Panels

Wall art, artwork panels and innovatively designed patient information panels have been incorporated into the Trust’s Estates Capital Development refurbishment of the Emergency Department at New Cross Hospital.  This contributes to providing a calmer environment and improving patient experience.   A multi-disciplinary team have worked together in consultation with patient representatives and staff to transform the department. 

A large piece of wall art in the waiting area provides views of nature featuring a beautiful bluebell wood from local photographer Jon Crump.  Throughout the Emergency Department are stunning landscape photographs by photographer Kate Willmer.  For young patients there are a series of fantasy landscape artworks from local artist Emily Campbell.  These feature an array of exotic animals to inspire children's imaginations providing positive distractions, and are on display in the Children's areas of the Emergency Department.  

The Design Council 2011 publication ‘Reducing Violence and Aggression in A&E Through a Better Experience’ promotes the use of art in Emergency Departments as positive distractions for patients who often face long waits.

An atmosphere of calm can be created using art, plants and green spaces.  Views of nature, whether actual views or artwork, have also been found to promote stress recovery.”
Design Council. Reducing Violence and Aggression in A&E Through a Better Experience. 2011. P134.

The Design Council publication also provides innovative design ideas for creating patient information panels in Emergency Departments.  These design ideas are based on their extensive research into the patient journey through NHS Emergency Departments and patients’ experiences.  The aim is to clearly provide essential information to improve patient’s understanding of the process for receiving treatment so as to reduce stress and anxiety.

In the Emergency Department at New Cross Hospital a series of innovative patient information panels are now installed throughout the department which have been developed from the Design Council ideas.
Innovative Patient Information Panels are designed to clearly guide patients throughout the Emergency Department at New Cross Hospital

Bluebells, Himley plantation near Wombourne.
Jon Crump


Lake Myvatn
Kate Willmer


Blue Lake 2
Emily Campbell

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