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Artworks in Midwifery Led Unit

Artworks in Midwifery Led Unit

Throughout the Midwifery Led Unit there is a selection of artworks on display created by local Staffordshire artist Alison Clews.

These particular pictures have been carefully selected from Alison’s collection by our Midwives, Hypnobirthing practitioner, local women and the Arts Co-ordinator to ensure that they are suitable for women to use in a therapeutic way during treatments and labour.

The aim of this beautiful artwork is to aid visual relaxation and enable women and their partners to drift into calmness and let a feeling of tranquillity and peace spread through their entire body.

Alison Clews describes herself as an “Artist with a Camera”. She creates pictures with a magnificent energy that are both uplifting and inspirational. She creates her beautiful artwork with love and hopes it touches your heart and soul.

Find out more about Alison Clew's artwork on her website:

'Relaxation takes you deeper and deeper to that beautiful space within where your baby is waiting.'

The Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Midwives will guide women on how to use the artwork pieces in the Midwifery led Unit to aid visual relaxation during labour.

Contact Details: Arts Manager | Email: rwh-tr.Arts@nhs.net | Tel: 01902 307999
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