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Meet Some of Our Members
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Meet Some of Our Members

Here are the biographies of some of our council members.

Allan Hargreaves
Council of Members: Allan Hargreaves

Recently retired, by profession I am a civil engineer with an MBA qualification. I have spent my working life carrying out and managing the strategy development, marketing, design and implementation of large national and international infrastructure projects up to £200m value.

I am a keen walker and mountaineer, and spend as much of my spare time as I can in the mountains.

Reason for and aims in becoming a Council Member:
My brother and son are both doctors, and I have a long-standing interest in healthcare. This interest has been heightened by recent involvement in the healthcare system as a patient or patient relative.

I believe that health and social care policy and provision is one of the largest challenges our country and communities face in the coming years, and wish to be involved, in however small a way, in helping address this challenge. Resource demands will undoubtedly increase, and the non-partisan support of the entire community will be necessary if general agreement is to be reached on how the NHS is best supported. It seems clear that a fundamental aspect of gaining that support is the engagement of the community in the work of NHS trusts, so that it has a deeper understanding of trusts’ work and challenges.

I hope to be able to make use of my project management experience in participating in the work of the Council. I am particularly interested in effectiveness and efficiency through participant engagement and well-structured processes.

Michael Hough

I have worked as an assistant manager of a social club, and more recently have worked for West Midlands Fire Service as a community risk reduction officer and the community membership coordinator.  I also volunteer for West Midlands Fire Service as an officer in charge of Wolverhampton Fire Cadets. 

Reason for becoming a Council of Member:
My association with the hospital began as a result of the poor experience suffered by my mother in law, who had dementia, in the hospital.  I was asked to become involved with the setting up of the then new dementia ward C22.  Since then I've been involved in promoting the care of patients with dementia whilst working as a volunteer on A7, the female elderly care ward.

Membership of the Council of Members will enable me to have a further input into improving patient care, for especially the elderly and people with dementia which has always been my objective, ever since I started working as a volunteer at the hospital nearly 8 years ago as result of the experience with my mother in law.

Bhajan Singh Devsi

Born in India and after completing schooling I came to UK in June 1960. I studied for mechanical engineering and later on obtained two post graduate qualifications in management. I worked in industry for 20 years at different levels, from engineering apprentice to senior project manager. I joined Wolverhampton Health Care Trust in February 1996, later on known as Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust (PCT), as a senior manager for fourteen years before retiring in 2010.

Reason for becoming a Council of Member and aim:
I believe the NHS endeavours to provide clinical excellence, a safe and caring sensitive service and promote good health to everybody in the local community. I believe as a voice from the Wolverhampton community I will contribute through feedback from service users in order to enhance their journey.

Vivienne Watson-Douglas

Prior to becoming a nurse I was a frontline receptionist for a steel stockholding company in West Bromwich. I enquired to Dudley Guest Hospital regarding the pathway to become a nurse, undertook the training and qualified as a nurse in 1977. I have had an extensive career as a nurse, working in different departments. I married in September 2014, and returned to work in Wolverhampton in June 2015, where I took the post of registered manager for a local nursing care home in Wolverhampton.

Reason for becoming a Council of Member and aim:
My reason for joining is to have a greater understanding of the strategies that govern care delivery in Wolverhampton. This position will also enable me to give different aspects of care delivery from various service users perspective and consumers of health services including my own. I want to continue to make a difference in quality outcomes of care for all recipients.

Key Areas of Interest:
My area of interest is front line care – care homes/community care services/dementia care services/complaints and quality.

David Winston
Council of Members: David Winston

I was born in Manchester and my university education was in Applied Biology as a first degree and Environmental Monitoring and Occupational Health at Masters level.

I have a varied teaching career profile in both further and higher education in science and language teaching. I have taught English for Academic Purposes for several subjects including Nursing and Public Health and would like to become involved in teaching English for Medicine and enhance my language teaching experience in applied aspects of health care such as nursing and public health.

Reason for Becoming a Council Member
To assist with the monitoring of health care provision and after care of patients and offer any skills/suggestions that are potentially useful to the trust.

Key Areas of Interest
As a long-standing lover of nature I am hoping to promote the importance and usefulness of this in general mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, I would like to assist in encouraging and facilitating communication between patients, carers, medical professionals and the hospital in general.

To assist in positive and productive engagement with a range of stakeholders for the enhancement and sustainability of quality health care provision for the local community and to promote the health-related benefits of nature in its various forms and how it can be appreciated in diverse ways.

Sean Noone
Council of Members: Sean Noone

I am profoundly Deaf and a British Sign Language user. I previously qualified as a youth and community worker and currently work as a Community Development Officer for Zebra Access, a Deaf-led charity based in Wolverhampton. During my own time, I enjoy meeting people and exploring the world, learning new cultures and lifestyles. I have been involved with many voluntary groups, working with various communities and this has helped me gain valuable experience.

Reason for becoming a Council of Member:
I have always thought Accessibility has been a challenge for those who are either Deaf, have a disability or do not speak English when attending hospital to receive treatment (in-patient and out-patients), this is due to many barriers that have existed throughout time. I am committed to improving accessibly for everyone, meaning they can attend hospital without stress and can receive a high quality of treatment. I believe that with my experience , I can make a positive contribution to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and help adapt services so that they are accessible for everyone, including patients, staff, next to kin and families/friends of the patients. 

Being a member of the Council of Members will give me great understanding of how systems work and in return I can give them ways to improve accessibility. I also want to share my experiences as a Deaf/ BSL user with the hospital and participate in creating resolutions for people who may face barriers in the hospital. I want to support patient diversity to make sure their voice is being heard  so that inequalities of the past are removed.

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