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New State-of-the-Art 'Real Life' Manikin

New State-of-the-Art 'Real Life' Manikin

Date of release: 10 May 2021

A new black simulation manikin with intricate features has been purchased for staff to use whilst training.

The new manikin, named Leonardo, joins a family of three white males, a pregnant woman and two robotic children, one baby and one child, in the Trust’s Sim Ward.

Latest News: New state-of-the-art ‘real life’ manikin - Ward

Leonardo uses wireless technology and can blink, move and represent physiological changes in the patient’s condition.

He was chosen to reflect the ethnic diversity of the population we serve and will support staff to learn key skills and competencies such as emergency treatments and managing workloads.

Stuart Hamilton, Head of Sim Ward – Wolverhampton, said: “We have been growing our manikin family since we first opened in 2010.

“I have always been looking out for a more culturally appropriate manikin to purchase and when I saw this one I thought it was perfect.

“The features and hair are so intricate, it looks very life like and realistic.

“He represents the diverse ethnicity of the community and staff we stand alongside.

‘’Leonardo is an extremely sophisticated, high fidelity simulation model and I was very impressed with how he performed in our recent simulation session.” 

“He was very realistic in his ability to imitate clinical signs and it is great to see the diversity of the community we work with being reflected in our simulation-based education,” added Dr Andrea Adjetey, Consultant Physician and SimWard Faculty.

Latest News: New state-of-the-art ‘real life’ manikin - Surgery

Caroline Lee, Business Administration Manager, said: “Invited to view Leonardo in theatres, I really didn’t know what to expect. Seeing the manikin for the first time, Leonardo was clearly state of the art, with life like features and incredible technology. 

“Leonardo will no doubt be an exceptional training asset to the existing family of manikins at RWT SimWard. He is also recognition and representation of the diversity in our local and wider communities.”

The Sim Ward is used for the training and education of healthcare workers – including junior doctors, nurses, advanced healthcare practitioners, healthcare assistants and medical students.

The new manikin will be able to simulate medical emergencies such as epileptic fits or septic shock, as well as display more subtle signs of medical distress.


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