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Michelle Carless – International Nurses Day

Michelle Carless – International Nurses Day

Date of release: 12 May 2021

Latest News: Michelle Carless – International Nurses Day

While the nursing care received directly on the hospital wards is critical for ensuring positive health outcomes, an important part of the patient journey is a smooth discharge from hospital. This is where Sister Michelle Carless comes in.

Normally working on Hilton Main Ward at Cannock Chase Hospital, Michelle was recently redeployed to the Discharge Lounge at New Cross Hospital. Here she ensures patients have the right medication, that transport is arranged, family and carers are liaised with and the plan for care post-discharge is in place.

The 45-year-old explained: “I’ve been welcomed as a member of the team and have tried to contribute towards service improvement. This includes a new project involving a dedicated ‘Transfer Team’ which coordinates moves between the wards.

“I think if we can speed up pathways it will improve patient experience and it will also help the ward teams by reducing the burden that transfers put on their time. We’ve had good feedback so far from the different services and I’m excited to see what the project can achieve.”

Michelle, who lives in Willenhall, first moved to the Trust in 2017 after periods working in both Walsall and Sandwell. With the speciality of trauma and orthopaedic, her team at Hilton Main supports patients following hip or knee replacement surgery.

“We find patients who are struggling with their conditions, which are often impacting on their quality of life, and after a few days of intense rehabilitation, following surgery, the change in them is dramatic. We focus on mobilisation over two-three days and they leave the ward a new person. It’s great to be a part of that.”

Still on the hospital’s discharge lounge, the mum-of-two is pleased to see the Trust celebrating International Nurses Day and the impact of nurses everywhere.

“I’m so proud to be working for the NHS. The Trust has really pulled together throughout the pandemic and we’ve supported each other to get it right for our patients. I am grateful for being able to work alongside such exceptional people in RWT.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved in my career as a nurse and it’s fantastic to get that recognition.”

Thank you, Michelle!

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