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Jessica Manton – International Day of the Midwife

Jessica Manton – International Day of the Midwife

Date of release: 5 May 2021

Midwife Jessica Manton wears many hats within RWT’s maternity department – Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA), Associate Delivery Suite Manager and Delivery Suite Coordinator.  

The role of the PMA is a multifaceted, requiring the expert knowledge and skills to support women throughout all stages of their pregnancy and birth journey, while also dedicating time to guiding colleagues in their practice and helping them to grow professionally. 

Through supervision and training, PMAs aim to help other midwives so they can deliver consistent, high-quality care. 

Latest News: Jessica Manton – International Day of the Midwife

The mum of two explains: “We promote educational opportunities for the staff while offering restorative supervision following difficult or highly emotional cases; supporting them psychologically and talking through the lessons learned.

“Ultimately if the staff are cared for they will want to do a good job and will try their hardest in every situation. I love being a part of that development.” 

“We also listen to service-users and support their birth choices; ensuring they too are supported. It’s important when caring for the women that we are catering to their needs and providing the best possible experience.”

In her associate role, Jessica oversees the management side of the delivery suite – reviewing staffing levels, checking in on the staff to make sure they’re ok etc., while her coordinator role involves assigning midwives to service-users, doing the ward rounds and supporting with workload – to name a few tasks. 

Being both managerial and clinical, she describes her role as “the best of both worlds”.

The 42-year-old from Great Wyrley always knew she wanted to be in the caring profession. Jessica joined RWT in 2015 after working for a neighbouring trust for almost 15 years.

“For me midwifery seemed a role where you’re celebrating a positive moment in someone’s life. You are also able to make a lasting impact, because even if they don’t remember your name, women and families always seem to remember the support they were given while accessing maternity care.

“It has been challenging this year with COVID-19 of course – the women are understandably anxious and the staff are trying their hardest to communicate and show signs of empathy under the layers of PPE!

“Despite this, the team have been absolutely amazing – the midwives, doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, domestics, support workers etc. – everyone still came to work and carried on with a smile. I’m so proud of the RWT team.”

When asked if there was a stand out moment in her career she replied: “One moment for me was when a new member of staff joined the midwifery team and she reminded me that I was her midwife. She said I’d been so supportive and had inspired her to get into the profession, which was such a lovely thing to hear.”

Thanks Jessica!

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