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Carlos Pereira Melhorado – International Day of the Midwife

Carlos Pereira Melhorado – International Day of the Midwife

Date of release: 5 May 2021

This International Day of the Midwife we are challenging the stereotype of midwifery being a ‘female profession.’ Well say hello to Carlos Pereira Melhorado – a male midwife working on New Cross Hospital’s maternity ward.

Originally from Portugal, Carlos initially worked as a primary school teacher in Madrid, but after achieving his nursing qualification decided to make the plunge and enrolled for nurses training in the UK. Here he went on to qualify as a midwife and has worked for the Trust since 2002. 

Latest News: Carlos Pereira Melhorado – International Day of the Midwife

The 63-year-old explained: “I moved from teaching to midwifery because you can make a real difference to women’s lives, plus you are also working as an autonomous practitioner – you are actively involved in decision-making and feel as though you are playing a leading role in their care.”

Working in postnatal care, the midwife supports women experiencing complications such as high blood pressure or postpartum infection. It is here where Carlos works alongside the medical professionals to provide the right course of treatment; ensuring our women feel well in themselves. And with the recent impact of COVID-19, and the anxiety it has created, Carlos and team have worked hard to ensure the right emotional support is available to those who need it. 

“It’s an anxious time for women and their families even without a global pandemic, and naturally there’s been a lot of worry about being in hospital at this time,” he said. “Our role has been to offer assurance that they are in the best place and to make them feel safe.”

When asked what he liked most about the role he replied: “It’s so rewarding to know you have been there for women, babies and their families at a critical period of their lives. It’s a busy working environment, and is challenging at times, but I really enjoy it. 

“Initially I wasn’t sure how people would react to me as a male midwife, but to my surprise the great majority of women has accepted me as their midwife and in doing so I also felt empowered to provide them the care they deserve and expect. I would recommend this job to other males as it is a very rewarding career with good opportunities to progress.”

Reflecting on the International Day of the Midwife campaign, he said: “Today is important for reminding staff of the important role they play. Because we often feel like we’re just doing our jobs and don’t realise the impact we have. It’s good to be reminded of how special we all are.”

Thank you, Carlos!

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