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Ambra Righetti – International Nurses Day

Ambra Righetti – International Nurses Day

Date of release: 12 May 2021

Latest News: Ambra Righetti - International Nurses Day

Say hello to Ambra – she’s a Trainee Paediatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Having studied for her nursing qualification back in Italy, her home country, Ambra saw an opportunity to work in the UK and noted Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital to be “a fantastic place to work.”

Ambra, who now lives in Birmingham, joined the Trust in 2015 as a Staff Nurse on the children’s ward. Here she went on to study children’s nursing and advanced to her current role as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in general paediatrics.

The 28-year-old explained “I always wanted to be a nurse. I enjoy children’s nursing due to the multifaceted nature. I get direct patient contact making a real difference to their journeys, working alongside the wider paediatric team to deliver high-quality care, while also getting involved in education and leadership – both helping to enhance the service we offer to children and their families”.

“I enjoy the holistic way of caring for children, while also supporting their families. Every day is different and it’s very rewarding!”

When asked about the impact of COVID-19 on her role, she replied: “It’s been challenging at times. We’ve had to adapt the way we communicate with the children because of the personal protective equipment covering our faces. 

“We’ve been mindful of this while working under the masks and the visors, but we’ve had a number of ‘child-friendly’ visors to provide a fun distraction for them, and these are allowing the children to feel more comfortable with us.”

Now studying her masters in advanced clinical practice (specialised for children), the nurse remarks on how lucky she has been to be able to progress in her career while at the Trust.

“It’s a wonderful environment where you are supported to learn and develop your skills,” she said. “There’s lots of opportunity to enrol on new training courses and to expand your knowledge”. 

“The team here is fantastic – you can make a real difference for the children and their families.”

For Ambra, International Nurses Day is an important occasion to celebrate the nursing profession as we play a vital role in our patients and families’ journeys.

“It’s great to be able to share what we do as nurses and get recognition from the Trust, colleagues and the public. I’m really proud to be a nurse and share my story.”

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