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Samanpreet Kaur – Volunteers' Week

Samanpreet Kaur – Volunteers' Week

Date of release: 4 June 2021

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“You get to put a smile on someone’s face every day and there’s nothing better than that.” So says Samanpreet Kaur, who knows exactly how important the value of volunteering is.

Samanpreet is our fourth featured volunteer as part of Volunteers Week. A student at Dudley Sixth Form College, she was inspired to volunteer after seeing the work done by the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic and signed up to give her time at New Cross Hospital. “I wanted to help people and the NHS, who we should be very thankful to, because we should give back to the community,” said Samanpreet. “The process of becoming a volunteer was quite easy – you just have to find a position and apply for it, or call the Trust and ask for a position.”

Volunteering has given Samanpreet the chance to learn or enhance numerous skills. “While being with patients I feel I’ve improved my communication skills, because it’s really important to understand what someone is saying so you can fulfil their needs,” she said. “I’ve met many patients and they get quite happy when you talk to them, as some of them don’t have anyone to talk to, so it makes you happy to have made a difference to somebody’s day, even if it’s small. I can also talk to patients if they can’t speak English – I can translate for them. I have learned how to be compassionate with people, how to work as a team; for example I can feed patients if they can’t do it themselves.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity to better yourself as a person and develop your skills as well. My experience in volunteering so far has been great.”

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