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Jessica Spittle – Volunteers' Week

Jessica Spittle – Volunteers' Week

Date of release: 7 June 2021

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On the final day of Volunteers Week, Jessica Spittle, who has been a breastfeeding peer support worker at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust for nearly nine years, tells us why she volunteers. “Following my experiences with my own children, I became passionate about helping mums on their breastfeeding journey,” she says.

“I volunteer on the maternity ward at New Cross Hospital as a breastfeeding peer support worker, mainly because following my experiences with my own children, I became really passionate about wanting to help other new mothers on their breastfeeding journey.

“I’ve been volunteering on the breastfeeding peer support scheme for almost nine years now, since September 2012. The COVID-19 restrictions, which don’t allow us to work face to face with new mothers and families at the moment, have made our role slightly different. We can’t do face to face work on the wards, so now we work on the telephone with new mothers who perhaps need a little extra support in the community once they’re discharged from hospital.

“There are also virtual breastfeeding support groups running, virtual ante natal sessions as well. I find it so rewarding working with new mothers on their breastfeeding journey – I find it such a privilege to be part of that and to raise awareness.”

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