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Chief Nurse's Blog

Chief Nurse’s Blog

Date of release: 1 September 2020

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Welcome to this week’s blog. This week I want to focus on flu as we look to start promoting our flu campaign to encourage staff to have the jab and its importance, across The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

As members of the caring profession, we work all the time on trying to protect others, particularly those who are vulnerable.

We have all worked so hard over the last few months to protect ourselves, our patients and our families through COVID-19. Now we are preparing for a possible second wave of the pandemic, the last thing we want to do is put ourselves and the Trust under so much pressure again.

You can carry the flu virus without knowing it, so you can pass it on to others who are far more vulnerable, and to those people, flu can be a killer.

Having the flu jab is firstly a way of protecting ourselves against the virus but also a way of protecting others, such as our patients, family, friends and relatives from it too.

For a few years now, RWT has been one of the worst performing acute trusts in the West Midlands for staff having the vaccination. Given our reputation for being such a caring Trust, I’d like to know why that is and what we can do to change people’s minds?

I would really like to receive feedback from staff, to hear your thoughts on the flu jab and how we can be more successful in our vaccination numbers.

Personally, I have had the flu jab for many years and have never had any ill effects from it. For me, having it is really important to protect myself, my colleagues, my family and friends and the wider community.

This year, our flu campaign will be more concentrated and more visible than ever. We’ll have a dedicated team who will be regularly visiting staff in their working areas to make it easier and more accessible for people to have the jab.

We have a number of peer vaccinators who will be more than happy to discuss any concerns about the vaccine and explain what’s in it and any effects. 

I hope you have already read the powerful message last week from David Loughton, our Chief Executive, on the importance of having the flu jab. 

Over the coming weeks, you will be hearing more about our flu campaign, with information on where and when staff can have the vaccination and how our peer vaccinators can be contacted so you can book your jab.

Please do so and take care,

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