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National Pathology Week - Kevin Goodridge

National Pathology Week - Kevin Goodridge

Date of release: 5 November 2020

As we continue National Pathology Week, the spotlight falls on Haematology. Kevin Goodridge, Haematology Operational Manager, Black Country Pathology Services, talks us through the service he works for.

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What makes your specialism important?

“In Haematology, we analyse samples using the latest technology to assess the cellular components, and clotting characteristics of the blood.

“We also review blood films to provide additional useful information which helps with the diagnosis of conditions such as anaemia and leukaemia.

“It is a great area to work in, as the laboratory is pivotal in the diagnosis of haematological conditions giving a great affinity to direct patient care.”

Why did you opt to follow a path in Haematology?

“My career in Haematology started in 2007 when I undertook a placement year at the Haematology laboratory at New Cross Hospital.

“During the placement year, I developed a passion for Haematology, especially enjoying the direct link to the patients – how you can tell so much from a full blood count and blood film.

“The laboratory has a direct patient impact – especially with diagnosis, treatment and patient prognosis.

“Since my placement year, I was successful in obtaining a biomedical scientist post, and then a senior biomedical scientist post.

“I am currently seconded to the operational manager of the department. I enjoy my career and have never looked back.”

Why is National Pathology Week important?

“Pathology is often forgotten about in the patient pathway, however each of the laboratory disciplines are incredibly important in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients.

“As a biomedical scientist, not many people understand what my job entails.

“National Pathology Week gives us a chance to showcase our profession and highlight its importance.”

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