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National Pathology Week - Dr Jonathan Odum

National Pathology Week - Dr Jonathan Odum

Date of release: 6 November 2020

A message from the Medical Director - Dr Jonathan Odum:

As we head towards the end of National Pathology Week 2020, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff in the Black Country Pathology Services (BCPS) for their ongoing commitment and dedication to their work. 

Latest News: National Pathology Week - Dr Jonathan Odum

BCPS has diverse teams of varying disciplines and these unsung heroes have worked extraordinarily hard, particularly in the light of COVID-19, to keep our patients safe and continue to improve the rate and quality of testing as we move through the pandemic.  

The teams acted quickly and adapted to new ways of working (with a number of new safety measures in place) and have worked tirelessly in order to overcome the challenges thrown their way – particularly around the testing of COVID-19 swabs and staff antibody testing. 

The microbiology team have played a central role in the Trust’s response to COVID-19 – supporting our infection prevention colleagues to implement new measures, while offering essential guidance to staff so they can continue caring for patients.

And despite the pandemic being at the forefront of everybody’s minds, all departments had to keep focussed on their everyday testing; ensuring that results are processed in a timely manner for all other patients. This was, and still is, no mean feat!

The executive team and I have enjoyed speaking to staff about their work and their recent experiences – we are highly impressed with their achievements and ongoing contributions.   

We are hugely proud of the amazing people working in our pathology teams, across all the Black Country pathology sites, and I’d like to thank them for all that they do.

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