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Poem and Card to Promote Advantages of Breastmilk for New Mothers

Poem and Card to Promote Advantages of Breastmilk for New Mothers

Date of release: 13 May 2020

New mothers are being made aware of the protective properties of breastmilk through a poem and a congratulations card available through The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust.

Ante-natal classes have been suspended during the Covid-19 outbreak which means pregnant mothers might not have access to all the information they need regarding infant feeding.

Latest News: Poem and card to promote advantages of breastmilk for new mothers
Rachel Priestley from the Infant Feeding Team with the card and poem outside the Maternity Ward

Rachel Priestley, from the Infant Feeding Team at New Cross Hospital, adapted the idea of the card after a breastfeeding mum based in Ireland, Grainne Evans, wrote the poem, called ‘For The Lockdown Babies’. Rachel spotted the poem on Facebook and gained permission from Grainne to use it. “We were looking for something to give out as a keepsake for the mothers,” said Rachel. “This is a massively important time for them and no one has experienced anything like this before. This card will signpost them to our services and hopefully provide help and reassurance.”

The cards signposts people to the Trust’s Infant Feeding Team web pages which contain information and contact details of sources of support. The cards, which are handed out to every new mum, are available on the wards, in the delivery suite and the Neonatal Unit. The web pages have been updated to include a section on feeding babies during the Covid-19 outbreak

As well as breastfeeding mothers, the card is also aimed at women who do not wish to breastfeed their baby, but may then choose to give their baby some of their breastmilk, even if just on an occasional basis, when they know how important it is for a baby’s health and wellbeing. Feedback to the Infant Feeding Team is that women are not fully aware of all the protective qualities of breastmilk, and that the information is not widely known in society, so until the maternity team talk to them they do not feel they have been able to make a fully informed choice.

Latest News: Advantages of breastmilk poem and card
A close-up of the card and poem

The web pages are very inclusive and provide information for women, however they feed their babies. The pages are aimed at all new mothers, regardless of their feeding journey. There is information about breastfeeding, breastmilk feeding, mixed feeding and formula feeding, plus even the introduction of family foods from six months onwards. When the Infant Feeding Team support staff are on the maternity wards they visit all women to give them emotional and practical support and evidence-based information which will help them during their stay at New Cross and at home.

Breastmilk is uniquely made for a growing baby’s needs, and makes a big difference to both a baby’s and mother’s short and long term health. Breastmilk provides the perfect nutrition for the baby and also includes hundreds of constituents which help the development of a baby’s immune system. It also provides continual protection for them against illnesses, allergies and infection from viruses and bacteria. For mothers, breastfeeding reduces the risk of illnesses such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.

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